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My name is Melanie Sweeney and I am the sole creator of A-VeryTayishBoho.  I create Handmade Home Decor with a Boho flare. My style is Boho meets Farmhouse meets Enchantment! I originally began creating Dreamcatcher's for friends and family, which then turned into something much bigger. My shop has so many unique products for the Home now, as well as for many different occassion's. I create many pieces for Weddings, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Birthdays, and the list goes on. This shop means so much to me and behind every great business there is a story. So here is mine!

A-VeryTayishBoho was created from the inspiration of my daughters. First, their names are Avery (A-Very) and Taylor (Tayish). So now the crazy name makes sense, right!? Avery loves to watch 'Winnie the Pooh' and in the movie there is this song they sing called 'A Very Important Thing to Do.' Yes, more inspiration! I was lucky enough to be home with them the first few years they were both born. It gave me the time I needed to realize I needed something for ME, something of my very own, a VERY IMPORTANT THING! I have always had a creative outlet, as I have been in the teaching field for many years and I have also always had a passion for decorating. Boho and Farmhouse are my favorite styles and what makes up most of the decor within my home. My girls rooms are where the enchantment comes in!


 A-VeryTayishBoho was created because I believe that behind every business there is an inspiration, a drive, or a fire that ignites you. It allows you to create something meaningful, important, beautiful, different and unique. I am always reminded by this song  "A Very Important Thing To Do." My fire is my family, my girls, and the passion I have for creating. I have always loved decorating, just something about picking that special piece to place in your home, in a specific room or spot, for everyone to enjoy! This also allows you to showcase your own personal style. One great piece is all it takes to spark the inspiration for a theme for a room, a scheme of colors, or a specific style. I love the Boho Rustic look, and I have always loved that whimsical fairytale land.  All of my pieces showcase my sense of style and the different elements I use to create.

When talking with my daughters daily all of these important life sayings tend to come out, it reminds me that even though I am their Mom  I can still do something for me. So here I am, creating my dream. I always dreamt of having my own small online business, that would allow me to be free to show off my creative side, my unique skill set, and who I am as a person.

A-VeryTayishBoho is all MINE and it allows me to step away from my role as Mom and reach for the stars, create my dream, and show my girls what I am made of. It also shows my girls that they can be strong proud women and do anything they set their minds too. Every piece you will see here is an original piece designed by me and no piece is exactly the same as the next. I encourage you, my customers to take part in the creative process and together we can come up with a way to create a piece that is special and unique for you. Many customers have come to me with a theme in mind, a special occasion, a specific room, or an inspiration piece they would like to add too. From there I then design a few options based on colors, themes, or ideas given to me.  I make suggestions throughout this process on what florals to use, what colors may go with their scheme/idea, beading suggestions, and the list goes on. I keep the customer informed every step of the way sending pictures of the start process then the middle process and then the final product. We tweak and change along the way and it is such a fun process for us both.

 In my work you will see a variety of different Home Decor products. One Dreamcatcher led to many new ideas, then avenues, and went down so many different paths. So here we are! I now create Dreamcatcher's in MANY different styles, with an array of elements, and shapes.

Boho Dreamcatchers - my collection includes Florals 

Drifty Dreamcatchers - my collection for these incorporate driftwood 

Moon Catchers - Moon Shaped Dreamcatcher's 

Mini's - Mini Collection of Dreamcatcher's 

Boho Floral Wall Hangings

Boho Baby Mobiles

Boho Floral Baby Lettering

Succulent Wreaths

Mini Succulent Wreaths

Grapevine Wreaths

Mini Grapevine Wreaths

Crystal Crescent Moonvine Wreath's

Crystal Wreath's

Boho Floral Crowns

Beaded Wreath's

Floral Wreath's

Boho Floral Hoops/Hoop Sets

Boho Floral Backdrops

Boho Yarn Wall Decor

Boho Hoop Wall Decor

 I want the pieces I create to tell a story! I do this by working together with my customers, creating a relationship with them, and ensureing they know their opinion/piece is the most important one that matters in this process. My goal is to create a piece you LOVE  with A-Very Enchanted Tayish BohoTwist.

Take a peak into my world. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

I hope you enjoy my creations!

Have A-Very Tayish kind of day!!! 


Boho Dreamcatcher's

Boho - Light Pink, Peach, Cream and White Florals made up of Peonies and Roses.Foliage is made up of Eucalyptus Leaves, Lamb's Ear, and Golden Berries. Hoop is wrapped in cream cording and cream wax thread is used for the weaving. Fabrics consist of cream and white trim, yarn, and fabric with different textures and styles!

Pricing $100

Boho - Pink and Cream Roses with Green Eucalyptus leaves around a 12 inch hoop with cream suede cording and cream wax thread weaving. Fabrics consist of white and cream assortment of trim, fabric, and yarn in different textures.

Pricing $75


Boho Bulls Eye - 14 inch hoop with thick white cording and white suede waxed thread for the weaving. Florals consist of Navy Blue, Light Blue, Tan, and Green assortment of Florals including Succulents! Foliage consists of green eucalyptus leaves, lamb's ear and leaves. All the fabric is white and is multi textured. Speckled brown and white feathers hang throughout fabric and a small bulls head hangs off the side.

Pricing $125


Boho Dreamcatcher - 12 inch hoop wrapped in gray suede cording with white waxed thread weaving. An array of colorful florals in dark pink, peach, tan, and white with dark green foliage. Fabrics are a mixture of yarn, lace, and multi textured ribbon and trim.

Moon Dreamcatcher with dried out florals in dark pink, light pink, and cream. The weaving is done with brown waxed cording. The fabrics consist of various cream tones of different textured and styled lace.
'Pricing $65


Floral Dreamcatcher - 12 inch bamboo hoop with white waxed thread weaving. Neutral florals of roses and peonies in peach and cream. Fabrics are a variety of chiffon, ribbon, and lace. Natural wooden beads made up of circles, hexagons, and rings hanging among fabrics.

Pricing $75

Driftwood Dreamcatchers

Tri Drifty Dreamcatcher


Half Moon Drifty Dreamcatcher


Diamond Drifty Dreamcatcher



Flower Arrangement 1_edited.png

Succulent Wreaths


This is how my customer  displayed it!

Just Beautiful!

Succulent Wreaths are one of the many types of Wreaths made at



All of my Wreaths are handmade by me!This is an example of a  customized Succulent Wreath. It was made on a 12 inch round Grapevine Wreath. I used various colors of artificial succulents, lambs war, and lilac. It can be displayed as a Wreath or a centerpiece for a table.

Price - $100 - $250 (plus shipping)


Mini Succulent Wreaths

Made with REAL Succulents!


Floral Wreaths

Floral Wreath's made with real dried out flowers and foliage atop a natural Grapevine Wreath.

Versatile - hang them with the florals off to the side, along the top or bottom and still looks fabulous!


Floral Hoops


Boho Wall Hanging's


Boho Beaded Tassel Garland


Beaded wristlet's

These awesome Beaded Wristlet's are made with silicone beads and natural wooden beads! They are made with an elastic cording to stretch and fit your wrist. These are a chic accessory but also are amazing for that person on the go!

This Mama always has two kids in tow and a ton of bags. These allow you to be hands free and not be digging for those keys in your bag when you get to the car. It comes with a keychain ring and clasp for you to attach right to your keys, making it a super helpful and stylish accessory. I never knew how much I needed this until I had one.

These can be customized with my wide variety of silicone beads or you can choose from the many styles I have designed.

Beaded Pen's

These Beaded Pen's are an awesome NEW accessory at A-VeryTayishBoho! My Beaded Pen's come in various colors, all with black ink. Includes two ink refills with purchase, so you can continue to use your pen. Sold individually or as a Set with a matching Beaded Wristlet. Choose from a variety of designed styles or customize your own!


Beaded Set's

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